Hey there, my name is Nanci Bergman, a 40-something Southern California dweller.  I recently had an epiphany. You know that new idea that seemingly comes out of nowhere yet is so consuming and clear in your mind that it is all you can think about. Yeah that. I stopped one day and just took a moment to observe my peers. My friends, my co-workers, my neighbors.  Even though these folks have their own unique circumstances and different lifestyles, it was very clear that they had one thing in common. 

They were extremely BUSY. Busy to the point of exhaustion and feeling totally overwhelmed by their lives. Everyone was driving white knuckled toward a goal of achievement and/or perfection. They seemed convinced that the more they did the more valuable or meaningful their life must be. But then I asked myself, was their end goal intended to make them ultimately happy?  Consult any of the masters from Greek philosophers, to religions, to self-help gurus, to motivational Ted talkers, and they will all agree that the purpose of life is to achieve happiness. I am no master, but I do know that this current state of hamster wheel to-do lists, and competing for the prestige of “most busy” was not making my peers happy.

There is no shortage of advice or formulas you can follow in life to be happy, many of which require detailed plans and intense commitment. But I don’t think it really needs to be that complicated. If we all just added some fun back into our lives, and actually made it as much a priority as we do our families and careers, happiness would ultimately come. You see, my theory is that happiness is a result, and fun the necessary catalyst to achieve it. Simple but powerful.

I wrote my book, PRIORITIZE FUN, as a down-to-earth guide that breaks down how to identify your own unique, personal fun and then how to prioritize and incorporate it into all aspects of your life. Filled with blunt practically, and peppered with humor, it is an every-person’s self-help bible.

More than just an idea or a book, for me PRIORITIZE FUN is a call to action. It is about living your fun every day, and sharing it. I invite you to join the movement.